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Market Locator Guide

Note:  This database contains US datasheets only.

Market Uses
Applied Window Films Clarity, strength, tear resistance and dimensional stabilty
Capacitors Capacitors
Cards ID, Smart, Prepaid, Phone and Security Cards
Display Advance display, Holographics, STN Reflectors, Anti-reflection, Touch Panels (ITO), Electroluminescent Lamps, and Optical Applications
Electrical Electrical Insulation, Cable Wrap, Transformers, Slot Liners, Wedges, and Phase Insulation for Motors and Generators
Electronic Imaging Business Graphics, Consumer Photo, Large Format Display and Digital Printing
Electronics Photo tool, Photoresist, Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), Membrane Touch Switch (MTS) and Medical Sensors
Industrial Energy Control, Metal Lamination, Decorative Lamination, Safety Film, Casting and Office Supplies
Labels Wide range of appearance
Magnetic Media & Optical Storage Professional Audio & Video, Optical Data Storage, Home Video Tape, Data Cartridges and Floppy Diskettes
Medical Medical end use requiring DMF listed product
Packaging Base Films, Barrier Films, and Sealant Films
PEN Films: Teonex® Polyethylene napthalate (PEN) polyester - high temperature
Photographic Medical Imaging, Photographic Print, Photo Specials, and Ink Jet Printing
Print Color Proofs, Printing Plates, Montage/Layout Base, Dry and Silver Graphics Arts
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